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Infographics are simply facts in a fun visual arrangement. They seem simple at first glance but could be very challenging in the field of research, planning, visual appeal, copywriting, and designing.
To communicate effectively and overcome such challenges, global brands join hands with infographic experts like Localplicity.

Reasons Behind Popularity
  • Used by web users to furnish hard facts in a fun manner

  • Powerful communication mediums for businesses

  • Used by startups to convey business ideas creatively

  • Playground for design experts to flaunt expertise & creativity


A life chronicle for entrepreneurs, organizations and brands.

This first-ever biographic was based on Internet Marketing Guru, Neil Patel and displays his life, struggles and achievements with a pinch of humor.

It took more than 300 hours of exhausting effort by Localplicity team involving:

* In-depth research and concept building
* High quality graphic design
* Interesting copy
* Uncountable updates till perfection


What is a content management system (CMS)?
The Right Way to Optimize Conversion Forms
How Search Engine Impact Car Shopping and Dealer Selection
Easy Ways to Increase your Gas Mileage
Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car
Benefits of Having your Car Serviced at The Dealer
How to Detect Bed Bugs
Practice Cold Weather Driving
Regular Car Maintenance Saves your Time and Money
Drive More Efficiently and Save $$$
Why Is Fuel Economy Important?
Why you Need to Hire a Professional Exterminator

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Approx size <1000p* 1000p <1000p* 4000p > 1000p*6000p
Infographic concept Provided by client and refined by Localplicity Team Done by our team of experts By our team of experts in collaboration with client team
Editorial content Provided by client Provided by client Written by our content writers, approved by client
No. of revisions 1 2 3
Full ownership Of client Of client Of client
Source Files Delivered to client after final payment Delivered to client after final payment Delivered to client after final payment
Copyright Owned by client after final payment Owned by client after final payment Owned by client after final payment
Time of delivery 2-4 days (depending on feedback from client) 1-2 weeks (depending on feedback from client) Depends on nature of work
Additional design work USD 15/hour USD 15/hour USD 15/hour
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We have been dominating the global design scene for quite some years now and have gained insights that help us in evolving infographics and Slideshare presentations that go viral on web.

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Our infographic designers create high quality visuals for our clients to make people fall in love. This promises more shares and likes on social media.
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