Interactive Business Cards

Universal QR Codes Manage business card features in real time!

Our "NEW" interactive business cards with UNIVERSAL QR CODES allow you to have real time control of what features are show when people scan your business cards with ANY mobile device. Potential customers can scan your QR codes using their cell phone and you are in control of what they see!

Become a business card technology guru! The ULTIMATE business networking tool! Most normal business cards are boring and get thrown away often! With our interactive business cards consumers have more reasons to keep you cards because they create a more powerful connection with the consumer and can be used to promote your special offers and slideshow presentations!

  • Basic
    "Special" - Interactive Business Card Software $29.99

    per month (Cards sold separately)

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  • Real time features via 1 UNIVERSAL QR CODE
  • Advanced
    500- Interactive Business Card Software $99.00

    One Time

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  • 2 Sided Business Cards with interactive QR codes

Benefits for interactive business cards

  • Use your business cards as a marketing and sales tool
  • Engage your potential customers in real time
  • Works with ALL mobile QR code readers
  • Manage business card features in real time
  • Impress your customers with AMAZING technology

Interactive Business Card Features